Sunday, January 17, 2010

Minted Lamb Kebabs with Roast Vegetable CousCous

I made this for some friends last night. It was a big hit and really easy so, here you go.

Roast Vegetable CousCous
1 large eggplant
1 small green squash
1 red sweet red onion
1 head garlic
(optional vegetables: red bell pepper, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes)
Olive oil

• Preheat oven to 375
• Prepare a backing pan with olive oil (Use a LARGE pan. The vegetables should be in one layer to roast properly. If they are crowded the ones on the bottom will steam and you'll just get mush)
• Cut the the eggplant and squash into small pieces - no bigger than 1 inch cubes and toss in the pan
• slice the onion into thin half rounds and add to pan
• separate and peel the garlic cloves and add to the pan
• sprinkle with kosher salt and a few twists of ground pepper.
• toss with a little more olive oil and put it in the oven.

While it cooks, begin prepare the

2 cups CousCous
2 cups water (or broth)
2 tbsp butter

• Heat water and butter until boiling.
• take off heat and pour in the 2 cups of CousCous
• stir to coat
• cover pan

While it steams, you can prepare the

Minted Lamb Kebabs
1 lb ground lamb
1 cup fresh mint chopped very fine
1 inch round of fresh ginger or a tablespoon of ginger paste
1 tbsp cilantro pesto (or basil pesto)

Mix ingredients together.
Shape into sausages and put on squires. Flatten slightly.
Lay squires on oiled baking sheet. (OR put on the grill!!)

When the Vegetables are done (about an hour - don't forget to stir a few times) take them out of the oven to cool slightly and put the lamb in. Cook the lamb for about 15 minutes, turning once.

While the Kebabs cook fluff the CousCous with two forks and combine with the vegetables.

Serve it up with hummus or tahini and pita bread!

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  1. must be so cool to be able to cook like that...see when you say chop the veggies i get all confused...doesnt eggplant have seeds in the middle? what do you do about those?


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