Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dawn is Approaching

Being Silly
Last weekend Joe attended Cazadero Music Camp with a couple of hundred other 5th graders. On Sunday I drove up to see the concert they'd been working towards and to spend some "alone-time" with my son.

Joe and I had a good time together (with the caveat that he is a tween and goes from hating to loving me every 10 seconds.) We took lots of pictures.

Before bed on Sunday night (we stayed at Dawn Ranch Lodge - a gorgeous property about a half hour from camp Cazadero) Joe was inspired to write a poem. It's beautiful (if I do say so myself.)

The Russian River

The Dawn is Approaching 
by Joe Kesler (age 11)

Pulling the energy of life from the soil to the sky,
grooving to the very beat of the earth itself.
Each petal counting the days till dawn approaches.
For it is coming my friend,
it is.
Soon the soil will bloom,
Color rushes into the world.
The cold and harsh days of winter have faded my friend.
The flowers are coming.
The symbol of hope.
The dawn of the rainbow.
The end of the cold.
The sun is rising my friend.
It is almost here.
Petal by petal, the day awakens.
The new found life is almost here.
Away from the silence of the past.
The color of the world flow within the soil.
Soon my friend,
soon, the soil will break.
Endless beauty spills onto the world.
The dawn is approaching my friend.
The dawn of a new land.
The days of death are over.
It is almost here.
Colors of new and old are coming.
The cycle never strays.
The dawn is coming fast my friend.
A world of color is ahead.