Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paste an iPad in Your Panties

For those of you who read this and don't follow me on twitter, I began the day like this:
  • One hour till the mac geek collective orgasm. Foreplay has been going on for months so we're aiming for multiples.
About two hours later:
  • I'm actually finding this whole experience underwhelming. I thought we were supposed to see fireworks. "Premature Ejaculation Jobs."
And then the jokes about the name - iPad (gah!)
  • "iPad" ... the name sounds like it should be pasted into panties. Why?
  • cleaning an iPad requires douche.
  • everyone's iPhone is now just for your lighter flow days.
Those are just mine.
Here's a breakdown of some of my favorite tweets regarding the horribly named iPad:
  • xenijardin Prediction: DRM advocates who criticize Apple for lack of openness will make lots of jokes about iPad vs the need to Stayfree (TM).
  • summersumz I'm wondering how many women were on the iPad marketing team, and why none of them used their "big girl voice" to shoot down that name.
  • @Fritinancy What's this I hear about Apple breaking into the lucrative feminine hygiene market with new "iPad"?
  • @andevers ... there is rarely room for menstrual humor in broad daylight w/ mixed company. Forgive me Mr. Jobs or should I say thanks?
  • @gooddoug: Next year, it's the iTampon
  • @expatina Coming next: the new, slightly larger iDepends.
  • @RenovationTherapy Ipad, for your heaviest cycles.
  • @rebeccaforever: iPad? So what--you use it once a month?
  • @DrJenGunter: Do you charge the #iPad every 28 days? (via @dianefischler)
on and on ....

So it just makes one ask... WHY? Did you steal if from MAD TV when they came out with this video?

Oh well, if nothing else it provided a morning of collective adolescent humor.

Did you hear any good jokes about the iPad? Please, put them in the comments. It'll be a fun collection.


  1. Hey, it was either that or the tamPod...

  2. LOL. Does it come with wings?

  3. Hilarious...thanks for making me laugh out loud!

  4. yeah i have been annoyed at all the talk/hype about this tablet...until today when apple unwittingly brought the lulz...i came home to all this talk of itampon and lol'd for over an hour...


  6. Did you make fun of the IBM ThinkPad when it came out in 1992?


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