Friday, December 14, 2012

Photos Sharing Switch

There are several reasons that I switched from a Droid phone to an iPhone a couple of years ago - one of which was joining Instagram which, at the time, was not available on the the Android platform.

Nearly two years have passed and (finally?) this week things have begun shaking up in the phone-photo-sharing world:
1. Instagram and twitter stopped working together. Instagram photos are no longer included in the feed. To view the image you are required to click out to the Instagram website.
2. Twitter introduced filters to its photo platform. Images are, of course, included in-stream and kept as a record in your profile.
3. Flickr introduced a huge new upgrade to its iOS app which includes filters and editing along with sharing in-stream to twitter and facebook. 

As someone who cross-posts many (most?) of my photos to twitter, it is essential to me that it's easy for my followers to view them. I've always disliked having to click out to see photos (on tumblr for example) so why should I expect other to do so? Based on this feature alone I made the decision to only share via Flickr. 
My plan had been to continue editing in Instagram and sharing to flickr and THEN sharing from flickr to twitter. But then this happened:
It's an awesome app. I love it. There is room for improvement, but it's already heads and tails better than instagram.

Check it out here (unfortunately it's not available for Android yet).
You can follow me on flickr here: (Or you can just click on the flickr photostream widget on the right.)

Happy photo-sharing.