Sunday, December 20, 2009

Obligatory Avatar Review

I saw Avatar in IMAX 3d a couple of days ago and, because it's all the buzz at the moment, I feel compelled to write about it.

The story line, from start to finish, is EVER predictable: protagonist is given a "second chance" at life and embarks on and adventure. He trains and learns and experiences and finally confronts an obstacle - an enemy - and fights for "right." Just as you think all hope is lost and the villain is about to win, the protagonist comes in from behind and saves the day.

That said, the artistry of the film was stunning. Serious work went into inventing a world that seemed truly organic. From it's wildlife and foliage to the way natives worshiped their deity - it was well thought out and beautiful in a way that went beyond aesthetics.

There was so much potential.

I think Joe (he'll be 9 in February) will enjoy the film. It's simple enough - like Star Wars or Indiana Jones films - that he can look beyond the redundancies of the story line and revel in the planet they present. The 3D enhancement will impress him even more - and rightly so: it feels like you're right there in the forest. It's quite amazing actually.

Maybe I'm jaded. I like less predictable films.
But that's just me.

Did you see the film? What did you think?

P.S. As a graphic designer I would be remiss not to point out my utter shock at seeing the font "Papyrus" used for subtitles. This was a $250million dollar project. They could have splurged and hired someone to make them an original... Sheesh.

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  1. it's hard to say this out loud b/c the geek elite have clearly decided that Avatar is a film of the century blahblahblah. some have even called it "the new star wars" and to those people i can only suggest that they are filling in the stupid parts with their own excitement at the IDEA of avatar, and not the movie itself.

    There was way way way too much focus on politics with humans (unobtanium? really?) and not enough focus on the more fascinating elements that could have been explored for those of us who are not, well, idiots. such as:

    1. it took the guy 2 minutes to get used to his body and he was only SLIGHTLY clumsy, barely clumsy, after that. if you've ever dabbled with second life, you know that's a ridiculous time frame.

    2. building on the above, i wanted/ needed more na'vi and a lot less focus on the war with humans, since the story of war was so quickly told, and only becomes relevant if you already understand history in the current american climate. The rest of the world will love this film because it makes americans look ridiculous. And once again, america seems to represent the entire human race. really? even star trek put a russian on board.

    3. Again, more na'vi. the dialect is beautifully created, the world on which they live is everything i've ever dreamed of since my first rave part.

    4. I repeat: more na'vi! more gorillas in the mist, less attempts at politics. I want it to appeal more to my intellect, because like most computer nerds i've always always always dreamed of *becoming* my avatar. This movie should have made me bawl at the end. It should have made me yearn for the "reality" of dreams that exists in the reconsiliation between human life and our avatar existence.

    5. lastly, MORE NA'VI! i understand my inner disposition toward the human race. I seek to understand my life as an avatar.

    6. however, it must be said: it's a beautiful world, the world of the Na'Vi and i'd love to live there, now. and forever. it's a fantasy on the screen, but told in such a way as to ignore the fantasy and focus on the doldroms of political angst.


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