Sunday, December 27, 2009

10 Things I Learned from "Up in the Air"

I've seen more movies in the last four weeks than the 11 months prior put together. So, here is another "review."

Up in the Air is one of those movies that I didn't know much about going in. Furthermore, I wasn't expecting much because as far as I could tell it wasn't about blowing up buildings, the end of the world or romancing an alien; but might measure up to a television "movie of the week" type thing.

I was wildly surprised. The film is rich in detail and beautifully constructed. The characters are well developed and and the acting is superb. The stories are huge... and there are so many of them. I came out of the theater having learned stuff. What, exactly? A list in no particular order:

1. on-line communication is not a substitute for face to face connection
2. unscheduled visits never go well
3. lists of character traits essential in a partner are sort of meaningless
4. sext messaging isn't just for teenagers
5. what feels right to you may not feel right to others
6. don't get sucked into the naive enthusiasm of youth
7. never assume
8. family is thick
9. never stand behind parents with small children in an airport security queue
10. we all die alone


  1. Hi Cori,

    Hmm, well since you read my blog post on this movie, I felt I should discuss it a bit over here, too. :)

    I can't disagree with anything you wrote above (acting, production, etc.) as far as packaging a movie goes. It is a well-made movie, however, it was depressing as hell. The story part. It was a well-made, well produced, heavily marketed movie (adverts _everywhere_ by American Airlines, for example) that told a very depressing story.

    I fly a lot. A lot. I'll spare you the scene from the movie of tossing all the cards on the cocktail lounge table. Most all of it on American Airlines. I was very disappointed that AA associated themselves with this movie. Here's why...

    Parts of the movie were fun, like the routine that Clooney's character went through each time in packing, eyeballing which security line was "best", and why - lol, that stuff was funny.

    What was depressing was that Cloony's character was ALL about the miles, and at the end of the movie, that's still all he had, and no sign of changing course.

    -- snip from my Tweet stream --

    You would think American Airlines would want to portray their slogan "We know why you fly" positively, but nope: Dodged it

    American Airlines, you really should have done something like this, instead of "Up in the Air"

    ok, I'm done 'helping' American Airlines for now. I really do love their service. A solid, reliable, airline, but missing the marketing mark

    ok, one last reminder, American Airlines: and then you went and did "Up in the Air". Dumb.

    -- snip --

    And now, to highlight my bipolar nature, I'll comment on your other movie review, "Avatar". :)


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