Monday, October 1, 2012

I Should Have Named him Pimm

Adopting him was not something that was done spontaneously. I'd been thinking about it for nearly a year. Moses, my 88lb, 13-year-old shepherd, was getting old and seemed bored. Moreover, (and perhaps selfishly) I don't want to face an empty house when he passes. And, I wanted a smaller dog for lap cuddles and buoyant, unconditional love. I searched - mostly online resources like and Craigslist - for several months until, on July 1, I stumbled across Sam's pictures.


I was immediately struck by his similar - though much smaller - appearance to Moses. Equally striking was his name, Sam, which is the name of the owner of a cafe I frequent... Sam owns the cafe with his brother, aptly named Moses. I figured it was a sign from the universe so I clicked through.

The link led me to facebook where an organization called Loup Garou was offering him for adoption. This organizations finds black dogs in high-kill shelters and fosters them until a forever-home can be found. Why black animals? Because they are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. They just don't photograph well. They also look a tad scary.

I inquired about Sam's availability and they immediately responded that he was being neutered and would be available to visit in a week or so.

But July was a busy month and adopting a dog fell to the bottom of my list. When I finally emerged from the chaos of work, vacation and summer organization it was already August. I went back to the Loup Garou website assuming that Sam had already been adopted and hoping to find another dog who might interest me... but there was Sammy. Grinning and available and being shown that weekend at an adoption fair in San Francisco. Another sign.

I made arrangements to meet a friend for brunch near where the adoption fair was located. I'll remember it forever because it was an unusually gorgeous San Francisco day and we sat out on the back patio. She ordered a Pimm's Cup, which I'd never seen or heard of but looked delicious so I ordered one too. It's a beautiful refreshing drink made from Pimm's No.1, ginger ale, lime and garnished with cucumber (the essential ingredient.) I was mesmerized.

Two hours later and feeling light on my Pimm's-coated feet,  I strode down Market Street to meet Sam for the first time.

I was greeted with big hellos from the organizers and foster "parents" who had been advised I was coming to check out Sammy. They led me too him and there he was, busy playing with the other little pups, but quite clearly mine.

I signed some papers and took the little fellow home and now I can't imagine life without him... Or cucumber, ginger ale and Pimm's in my fridge. Cheers!

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