Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Camera

For the past three months I've been learning how to create tablet publications for both iPad and Android devices. I happen to love reading magazines on the iPad - Wired is my favorite - so having the opportunity to add this to my arsenal of skills was incredibly appealing. Now–thanks to backing from one of my favorite clients, CUE, software created by Mag+, and a lot of hours of trial and error – I'm just about ready to publish the first OnCUE Quarterly journal to the Mac Newstand.

Last week also happened to be the annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs. I've been designing the conference collateral for six years but 2012 marks my first time attending. While there I was interviewed about the design process and the forthcoming OnCUE+ by CUE Live. You'll note that I seem a little uncomfortable and Maia asked why I say "um" so much, but at least I don't completely humiliate myself. Towards the end you'll see me smile and wave. That was because the CUE Executive Director walked by and I thought I'd say "hey." Forgot I was on camera. Dumb, huh?

Clearly I need to work a bit on my public speaking skills... but honestly, I'd rather spend my time making tablet publications. It's rewarding.


  1. Great job! Don't worry about a couple of "ums" - you got the information across, you were informative, you kept the listeners attention, and you were interesting.

    1. Thanks Ken! That means a lot coming from you. You know, if it weren't for those YouTube years I would have really froze up.


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