Sunday, January 1, 2012


The first man I dated after leaving my marriage told me I was a wreck and that I wouldn't be normal for two years. He said it with such certainty that it couldn't be anything but true. This statement - which I took as fact - carried me through the weeks and months that followed. Everything would be OK by the end of 2010 <video>. "I'd be normal."

Funny thing. He was right.

So by the beginning of 2011 I'd reached a new normal. I'd gotten through the divorce and its aftermath. My ex had settled in with his girlfriend - a woman liked by both the kids and me. Online dating lost its intrigue and I gave it up in the first quarter of the year. Concentrating on my new(ish) roll of single mom, I tried my best to conquer the challenges and relish the joys. It's a journey that won't end anytime soon, but it's no longer one that scares me.

So now it's 2012 and I can confidently claim that this particular stage in my life is over. All the energy and effort placed on pushing through the last three years can be forayed towards living a better life. There is a lot I'd like to accomplish in the next several years. I've got things to do and places to go and children to raise and a business to grow. And there isn't anything holding me back anymore. There are no excuses.

On December 31, 2009 NPR suggested summarizing the year in a single word. I chose "transition". And then, in an exercise suggested by a group of friends, I decided on a theme word for 2010 - it was momentum. A verb that I carried all the way through 2011.

Momentum has pushed me along for two years and I've come out the other side. The time has come to change the word and move forward and grow strong. Thrive.

Thrive. It's my theme word for 2012. What's yours?


  1. Positivity moves you forward, nothing holds you back now darling...knock em' dead dear! Rey..

  2. ""All the energy and effort placed on pushing through the last three years can be forayed towards living a better life.""

    i felt the same way when i graduated, and now still. it's a wonderful feeling. esp when things start changing and you become happier.

    thank you for being you and sharing. i wish i had more role models like you. ur advice has been truly valuable.

    am so happy to be around to watch you win on this journey =)

    re men: be in good place, be outgoing and positive, take chances for love, dont squander opportunity...go get him. i think this mindset is how i got my darling seabass, and will use it again if need be lol! ur lovely and you believe, i dont see you "alone" for long.

    i bet you know who left this comment, i needent sign. love u and ur cute kids too. and moses.

  3. Heal. My word for 2012 is heal.

    Thank you for making me think of that. Xoxo


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