Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Watching TV

Oh no... We're not watching TV. No. At this moment I am downstairs in my office and my children are upstairs. Joe is playing labyrinth. On my Droid (phone). Maia is playing with Barbie. On my MacBook.

Earlier, Joe and I were looking at Google Maps in 3-D. We're still trying to get augmented reality to work right. But, it's soon. As Maia would say, "is it tomorrow?"

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  1. I too suffered twice from a severe reaction eating quinoa. Stomach cramps were intense! Today after 3 hours curled up on the bathroom floor, my husband went and got me Pepto Bismol. It was immediate relief!! Just thought I should wrote it here if it could save someone from going through the excruciating pain.


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